July 04, 2006

Tales from the Polly-verse

The Devil's Kitchen is once again giving Polly Toynbee a kicking for her latest offering, which is a piece about the evils of inheritance. Which is rather rich coming from somebody that is also rather rich, and descended from an aristocratic line, like other lefties, and according to one of DK commenters:
Amy Jenkins (ie Polly's stepdaughter) inherited a large house in Chelsea from her grandmother
I particularly like that Polly demanding that all gifts be taxed at 40%. So meanwhile in Polly-verse:

Little Tarquin early on Christmas morning, his eyes bright with expectation, there is a present under the tree, and it is addressed to him! He has never had a present before! The proud parents look on as he unwraps the gift that they managed to buy with money scrapped together by selling some of their state approved ration on the black market. An attempt to make up for the fact that they are never allowed to see him, spending 12 hours every day at Sure Start, along with the rest of the children, having knowledge drummed out of him to make sure that they start life equal.

A bang on the door. Chloe and her husbands faces fall. Not the tax man, not today. Could they not have but one day to be a family? Like they remember from before She Who Must be Obeyed came to power?

The door collapses. Masked men storm in. A gun fires. And Chloe's husband lies dead, blood and brains seeping out across the floor.

"Ben! Ben! Oh god! You bastards, what have you done!" Screams Chloe

"He was running away, look at the unseasonal clothes he is wearing", the lead gunman points at Benjamin's cheap threadbare pyjamas, "He could have been a suicide bomber." Turning to face chloe he continues, tapping her in the chest with one gloved hand,

"You, however, appear to be something much worse. I suspect that you where attempting to give a gift without state authorisation, and may even have engaged in trade to acquire it. Filthy cunt." He turns to his men.

"Collect the evidence." One of the masked gunmen snatches the teddy that was to have been for Tarquin. He does not seem to notice. His eyes are fixed, focused at a point somewhere below the floor where is father now lies.

He is still staring at it as his mother is dragged from the flat, her head in a black bag. He will never see her again. Unlike lesser crimes, like murder, sentences for withholding from the state must be carried out in full and the ever increasing demands on the state for money mean that the sentences have to be long indeed to act as a deterrent and make sure that the state can take what belongs to it.


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